The Bards of Now, San Rafael, CA 2002

by Diana Rosalind Trimble

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When Barbara Imhoff (Aether) and I reunited in 2001 and played at the Yerba Buena Centre's Harp Festival, subsequent to my locating her stolen harp in a flea market, purely by chance, I bumped into Rudiger Oppermann there who I hadn't seen in years. This happy coincidence resulted in the opportunity to go on tour in Europe with Rudiger Oppermann's Klangwelten festival. He asked me to submit some new material for consideration and I quickly assembled a group of the best musicians around and we did a very memorable session at guitarist/songwriter Troy Lush's recording shack, on the hill at Solstice Grove in California's Napa Valley. All these songs were written and recorded in a single weekend. The song Sidhe, was selected by Oppermann for reworking into a new arrangement for harp, tabla and voice and we performed it on the Klangwelten tour in 2003. Sadly, I have thus far been unable to locate any audio or video recordings of the later version, though I know that they exist.


released December 30, 2002

Troy Lush Guitar
Mark Deutsch Sitar, Bazantar
Tim Rayborn Saz, Frame drum, Flute
Vir McCoy Gimbri




Diana Rosalind Trimble New Orleans, Louisiana

After being discovered by Bobby McFerrin as a young vocal improviser in San Francisco, I continued to sing and write in experimental performance ensembles that remain important in the history of the 80s & 90s Bay Area arts scene, followed by one decade of tangling with the music biz in LA & NYC (read Little Tiger on here), then another in Europe, always making records of collabs along the way! ... more

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Track Name: Measureless
Into the sea
All rivers go
And still the sea will never overflow
Onto their destiny
The rivers go
To the sea
To the sea
To the measureless sea
Track Name: The Ballad of Boudicca
Oh Queen Boudicca
Of the Great Iceni
Your people incite you
Crying for war
Oh warrior priestess
Track Name: Nutmeg Tree
Twilight vision
This mysterious fragrance
I will fly
May my prayers

Here beneath the nutmeg tree
I sit and sway
As falcons spiral
I sit and sway

And sing and pray
Beneath the nutmeg tree
Track Name: Sidhe (Shee)
She blues the air
She speaks the tree
She moves the moon
To pull the Sea
plants the seed
To earth the peace
She slips the eye
Flies on the
She curves the time
To mark the face
To paint the years
The life to trace
Strikes the clock
She turns the curl
She burst the stars
She births the world
She weilds the wind
To shell a beach
She salts the sea
Sugars the peach
She blues the air
She speaks the tree
She moves the moon
To pull
the sea.....