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To hear a remastered version of this recording, which is also available for download, just go to the Love or Freedom compilation, featured on this site. Eventually, I will get all the Lil Tiger songs remastered, but for now just those included on the compilation have been given the treatment.

"Aint That The Way" was the first song I wrote with Michael Belfer, the very first time we ever got together and played. The other parts were developed later. He didn't always come up with the greatest chord changes, his strength was more in creating textures and atmospheres, interesting sounds and the like. But in this case, immediate melodic possibilities were there for me in the simple, almost cheezy descending keyboard line underpinning the verse (un-cheezed by the whooshy noise filter sounds of the wonderful Sherman) and those big swooshy 4ths in the chorus.

Tim Mooney's brush work here is an undeniable demonstration of his incredibly tasty rhythm skills and why he was just the best drummer ever from a songwriter's point of view. His beat is like a little locomotive chugging away with these super-subtle symbol shuffles. Then when you realize he's basically playing 32nd notes the whole way through, yet making it sound like a relaxed dream, it's pretty impressive.

Lyrically, the song is a requiem for a previous collaboration that was also a romance, so a double-whammy loss. I think saying goodbye in a song was really helpful emotionally and also proved to myself that I could write well with any other decent musician which was liberating.

People and things come and go, you either go on, or you go too...one day something that seemed crucial just doesn't matter anymore, love fades and broken hearts mend....aint that the way!


I can hardly remember you
And you used to be my measure
Against which I held experience
The basin in which love was tallied and weighed
But the cicatrix your leaving left has started
to fade
Aint that the way....aint that the way...
Aint that the way....aint that the way...
Oh the sorry folly
Of our silly feelings
And how is that I have gained this passage
On the ferry of forgetting
Down the river Lethe where the past dissolves
Into particles of nothing
Leaving less a shadow
Than a negative trace...
Aint that the way....aint that the way...
Aint that the way....aint that the way...
Oh the sorry folly
Of our silly feelings


from The Tragic Tale of Lil Tiger or How the Music Bizniz Destroyed My Best Recording and Derailed My Life (San Francisco 1999​-​2001), track released January 30, 1999
Drums - Tim Mooney
Guitar, organ - Michael Belfer
Bass - Joe Goldring
Voice - Diana Trimble
Noises - the Sherman Filter
Produced by Craig Silvey at Toast Studios, San Francisco




Diana Rosalind New Orleans, Louisiana

After being discovered by Bobby McFerrin as a young vocal improviser in San Francisco, I spent some years writing and performing with ensembles that remain important in the history of Bay Area arts, then did time tangling with the music biz in LA & NYC, followed by a decade in Europe, recording all the while, before coming "home" to NOLA. This is a partial musical record of that journey. ... more

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