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This track prominently features the same local DJ, who is on several other Lil Tiger recordings and also performed live with us. I feel awful that I'm not sure of his name and can only say, if anyone including him hears this and remembers please do get in touch. The only clue I can bring to mind is rather feeble - he was in a DJ crew that had the word "crew" in it. Or maybe it was "posse"....

Anyway, that's not very helpful I know! I have no idea what he was dropping in or the origin of that quote "we infected the world with problems in the guise of love" but it all worked really well. His decks had a Theramin mounted on them too which he also played live. He also sourced a drum riff and vocal riff that Tim and I each then re-did as live quotes, so he had a role in the songwriting too.

Like many rock musicians of our generation, Lil Tiger admired the Beastie Boys for their blending of punk and hip-hop. Our manager, Robert Bennett, worked on the road with them and at one point their boutique label, Grand Royal which was also distributed by Capitol, was going to come to the rescue of Lil Tiger, but they had the same problem in the end - the record industry was determined not to spend any money putting out any records in order to show how the mega-merger made all the share-holders rich. So instead of putting out records they fired loads of A&R people, shut down offices left and right and most of the new bands whose albums were in the works just completely got the shaft.

Grand Royal really liked our record and in an indirect way the Beasties tried to be helpful towards us, opened some doors with some Japanese labels that were going to try to pick up some of the distribution slack. The Beasties' keyboardist Money Mark even played on one track, possibly this one although it's hard to tell because this is one song that did not get mixed correctly before we got shut down, and the keys are way in the background.

Although nobody in Lil Tiger was a great keyboardist I think we all had a go at some point on various tracks, plus we had lots of funky gear that would come and go and get used for a day, and I honestly can't tell in every instance who's doing what on what instrument. You'd think I'd remember which song Money Mark played keyboards on, but there were hundreds of sessions and a lot of it runs together. I'm gonna put my money on this one as it's the most Grand Royal-ish and that was our connection to him.

It sounds like we've got the Hammond fan going too and I remember there was one at Toast so it makes sense that we would have had a pro player come to the sessions at the pro commercial studio rather than at the dank former garage (which I loved dearly).


through the light well
sleep came sliding
and with it stolen pictures of blurred history
in one of which
i saw you slipping over the rails
and one in which i watch you
while i walk away

i tore you down
i tore you down
can you forgive me
i'm all tore up
i'm all tore up
can you forgive me

i'd like to apologise
or leave a message
i'd like to say hello i'm glad you're still alive

i'm all tore up
because i tore you down
i'm all tore up
cuz I tore you down
can you forgive me

we dared eachother to jump from the roof
to feel the thrill of frail velocity
then sick with tears of rage
we filled with dust
left from bones of glass that shattered as we fell

i'm all tore up
because i tore you down
can you forgive me
i'm all tore up
because i tore you down
can you forgive me


from The Tragic Tale of Lil Tiger or How the Music Bizniz Destroyed My Best Recording and Derailed My Life (San Francisco 1999​-​2001), track released January 1, 1999
Drums and loops - Tim Mooney
Guitars and sounds - Michael Belfer
Bass - Joe Goldring
Vocals - Diana Trimble
DJ - please get in touch to get credited!
Keyboards - ?
Produced by Craig Silvey and Lil Tiger




Diana Rosalind New Orleans, Louisiana

After being discovered by Bobby McFerrin as a young vocal improviser in San Francisco, I spent some years writing and performing with ensembles that remain important in the history of Bay Area arts, then did time tangling with the music biz in LA & NYC, followed by a decade in Europe, recording all the while, before coming "home" to NOLA. This is a partial musical record of that journey. ... more

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