The Beckett Songbook, USA​-​Germany, (Work in Progress)

by Diana Rosalind Trimble



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Actively seeking support for this current project, envisioned ultimately as a collection of a dozen or so songs.

Larry Beckett, genius poet and songwriter, found me through a version I did of his much-loved collaboration with Tim Buckley "Song to the Siren" and we began an awesome correspondence. I asked if I could set some of his text to music and he paid me a great compliment by saying I didn't need a lyricist. Yes, I countered, but I want to work with your words! He then wrote me Thorn and Rose, based on an image I was working with at the time and his insight into my personality. I am currently developing a collection of songs, the Beckett songbook with diverse instrumental arrangements, focusing on duos and trios with accompanying instruments such as harp, cello, contra-bass, piano and with some fuller arrangements such as string quartet, jazz quartet, brass band, and percussion corps. Future instruments to be featured in other planned pieces include hurdy-gurdy, ukelele, viola, steel pans and accordion as well as electronics and looping.


released June 6, 2014

Diaina Rosalind Trimble - music director, vocals, lyric arranger
Larry Beckett - text
Rudiger Oppermann - Celtic harp
Johanna Stein - Cello
Ben Tai Tranwinski - Double bass
Rainer Grantzin - piano
Marcus Sperlling - soft percussion

* all players are co-creators of these recordings/compositions




Diana Rosalind Trimble New Orleans, Louisiana

After being discovered by Bobby McFerrin as a young vocal improviser in San Francisco, I continued to sing and write in experimental performance ensembles that remain important in the history of the 80s & 90s Bay Area arts scene, followed by one decade of tangling with the music biz in LA & NYC (read Little Tiger on here), then another in Europe, always making records of collabs along the way! ... more

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Track Name: Thorn and Rose
I heard you play the song of songs
once, on your disillusioned lute,
out of the windows of the moon
I had to shoot.

Why was I ever born,
I ask the thorn.
Heaven only knows,
answers the rose.

I rode Apollo and in vain:
not you, only the desolate shore;
I wavered like the light of earth
and the old war.

Why are the waters torn,
I ask the thorn.
Because the white moon glows,
answers the rose.

Though the moon Is in memory,
the smoke of kisses is returning
oh, to the alphabet of fire,
and I am burning.

Why am I made to mourn,
I ask the thorn.
We love what comes and goes,
answers the rose.

Why was I ever born,
I ask the thorn.
Heaven only knows,
answers the rose.

We love what comes and goes,
answers the rose.
Track Name: Found at the Scene of a RendezVous that Failed
kill the candle close the door and take a bow
there's only lunacy now
drink the lemons eat your words and swallow time
remember my touch
is a crime
catch the cancer frozen leaves without your net
paint me in black silhouette
burn the flying fish of memory tonight
flutter and fall like a kite
for there's nowhere to go
no windows but walls
last night I broke a key
you're as good as dead
to me
oblivion calls...

damn the stars and wait five seasons
I will come
playing hello on my drum
drive the vagabonds away deny the thieves
hide all your smiles up your sleeves
keep the flower in your palm and fall asleep
wake up in drunkenness deep
laugh at lawyers trick the judge and
ditch the trial
one day I'll land on your isle
still there's nowhere to go
no wonders begun
this morning I was cold
today we're ruled and
tomorrow we'll run

Larry Beckett
Track Name: River
oh listen
and you'll pick up what I hiss
in syllables of water
all I wear is bubbles of air
I'm at the bottom of the river

kiss me I slap
slap me I kiss
I've had enough of love me tender
Old nights with the double-crosser
and I'm at the bottom of the river

love or freedom
I had to choose
the half-moon said and I forgive her
I've got the ghost or woman blues
and I'm at the bottom of the river

the lovers sway under the sail
and look into the stars and shiver
the boat slips on
its wake is gone
and I'm at the bottom of the river

Larry Beckett